Because I felt nostalgic and because was bored and had nothing to to, I decided to take this quiz after seeing it on {User:Sunny the Hedgehog|Sunny's]] blog. Anyway, here's my version the the same quiz she took.

001. Real name? I don't feel like sharing my name on a place that can be considered public: The Internet.

002. Nickname(s)? Genesjs, Genesjss, Vice the Lynx, Wookie (What my mother calls me... -_-')

003. Zodiac sign?

004. Male or female? Male

005. Elementary? No

006. Middle School? No

007. High School? Yes

008. Hair color? Bleached brown with blond highlights

009. Long or short? Long or medium length. I guess my hair length can be considered debatable

010. Loud or Quiet? Quiet

011. Sweats or Jeans? Jean

012. Phone or camera? A phone with a camera in it.

013. Health freak? Somewhat, unfortunately

014. Drink or Smoke? Neither

016. Eat or drink> I eat food, and drink most of anything as long as it isn't bad, like energy drinks and alcohol

017. Piercings? No

018. Tattoos? No


019. Been in an airplane? I think I have, but my mother tells me that I never had, so IDK

020. Been in a car accident? No

021. Been in a fist fight? Probably


022. First piercing? I never had any piercings

023. First best friend? The person whom has taken this very same quiz

025. First award? I think that would be my Elementary deploma

026. First crush? Probably some popular school girl in Elementary who could've cared less about me

028. First big vacation? I visited an island called "Salt Spring Island" in my Elementary days, which I think is somewhere close to, but outside of America


029. Last person you talked to? Twilightwizard0309

030. Last person you texted? My mother

031. Last person you watched a movie with? Gingalain from the SFW

032. Last food you ate? Honey Nut Cheerios

033. Last movie you watched? The Lion King 2, but only parts of it. I felt like reliving my old childhood, so I decided to watch that movi

034. Last song you listened to? Tomo Yo, from Disgaea 2

035. Last thing you bought? A 12 pack of Cherry Dr. Pepper

036. Last person you hugged? Gingalain from the SFW

037. Food? I like chicken. Who doesn't (Other than the vegetarians)?

038. Drinks? Anything that isn't bad, like alcohol

039. Clothing? I like to wear all black clothing

040. Book? Death Note (If you call glancing at a books pages for a few moments reading)

041. Music? Anything that sounds cool to me, except most rap and Metal/Heavy Metal music. I prefer GOOD music

042. Flower? That's kinda hard to determine....

043. Colors? Black, all shades of purple, red, blue, green, jade

044. Movies? Adventure, Sci-Fi, horror (As long as it isn't gross. I want Silent Hill 2 (The film) to come out!! T_T)

045. Shoes? Anything that's black, comfortable, and cool-looking

046. Subjects? Business Law, 20th Century History, Computer Apps, Math Survey, Algebra


047. [X] kissed in the snow (If you call face-planting your whole face in the snow "kissing")

048. [] celebrated Halloween

049. [X] had your heart broken

050. [X] went over the minutes on your cell phone

051. [X] someone questioned your sexual orientation (I think so. Probably some idiot from school)

052. [] came out of the closet (to scare my friends XD)

053. [ ] gotten pregnant

054. [ ] had an abortion

055. [X] done something you've regretted

056. [X] broke a promise (Unfortunatley and shamefully... >_<)

057. [X] hid a secret

058. [X] pretended to be happy

059. [X] met someone who changed your life

060. [] pretended to be sick

061. [ ] left the country

062. [X] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it

063. [X] cried over the silliest thing (Probably)

064. [] ran a mile

065. [ ] went to the beach with your best friend

066. [X] stay single the whole year


067. Eating? Nothing

068. Drinking? Water

069. I'm about to? Probably head out for another shopping trip that'll hopefully be worthwhile this time

070. Listening to? Music from the Disgaea series

071. Plans for today/tomorrow? Get my school work done and hope that nothing bad happens tommorow

072. Waiting for? My dreams to come true


073. Want kids? IDK

074. Want to get married? Someday

075. Careers in mind? Game Designing, Archelology


076. Lips or eyes? Eyes

077. Shorter or taller? Height doesn't matter to me

078. Romantic or spontaneous? Spontaneous

079. Nice stomach or nice arms? Neither one matters to me

080. Sensitive or loud? Loud

081. Hookup or relationship? Relationship

082. Troublemaker or hesitant? Something that provides an even balance between the two

I don't judge anyone by appearance


083. Lost glasses/contacts? Yes, my brother snatched them and they got crushed in the street when they fell out of his pocket. But personally, I got by just fine without glasses

084. Ran away from home? I most likely thought about it a few times, but logic and reasonability prevented me from actually doing it

085. Held a gun/knife for self defense? Good question

086. Killed somebody? No. And I hope that I'll never have to

087. Broken someone's heart? IDK

088. Been arrested? No

089. Cried when someone died? Probably not. Not yet.


090. Yourself? Depends on the circumstances

091. Miracles? Yes

092. Love at first sight? No. A relationship should be explored first so both people (Or more) can determine if the other person(s) is someone they truly wanna be with

093. Heaven? Yes, but sometimes I wonder if I'll actually go there when I die

094. Santa Claus? I used to, but not anymore

095. Sex on the first date?

096. Kiss on the first date? No


097. Is there a person you want to be with right now? IDK

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? I'm content

099. Do you believe in God? Yes.

100. Post about the 100 truths and tag 10 people! I'm not going to tag anyone. Anyone who wishes to do this meme is free to do so

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