Nataly The Bee 350px

Biographical Information
Age 10
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Alias Nat
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Gender Female
DescriptionHeight: 2' 9"



Eyes:Dark Blue

Muzzle:Light Peach

Attire Green shirt w/ Butterflies, Purple bandana w/Flower, Blue shorts, white gloves w/purple flower bands, purple sandals w/ pink butterflies
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Unknown
Abilities Flight, stinging
Super Forms None
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s)N/A
Original Creator Lupita/Gamergirl304

History Edit

Personality Edit



Relations Edit

Friends/Allies Edit

Enemies/Rivals Edit

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Themes Edit

Gallery Edit

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